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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Community Service Guidelines

It is the responsibility of each juvenile to find, secure, and complete their own community service hours. 

  • The minimum number of hours needed is 12 hours for the teen (ages 13-17) program and 2 hours for the pre-teen (ages 10-12) program.
  • All community service locations need to be approved by the Diversion staff or Juvenile Diversion group leaders.
  • A youth chooses his/her own location site. Youth may choose one, or as many different locations as needed to complete the total hours required.
  • Acceptable locations include local non-profits, senior centers, food shelf’s, churches, hospitals, schools, community centers, libraries, etc.
  • Unacceptable locations include working for a business or working for a current employer for no cost.
  • It is unacceptable to perform duties for a family member, friends or neighbors.
  • Written verification of the completed hours is necessary for completion of the program.
  • A youth is required to have all service hours completed by the last class, before graduation.
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