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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Community Benefits

 Benefits to youth and community;

  • Youth are given the chance to maintain a clean record, while still being held accountable for their crime.
  • The program saves the cost and time of judges, prosecutors, probation officers and clerical staff, thus allowing juvenile court more time to address more serious matters requiring court intervention.
  • Police Departments who had previously handled their own diversion programs will have extra time to focus efforts in other areas. 
  • The youth give back to the community by doing community service work and thus learn to appreciate their local community and the efforts of others in their community.
  • A community's commitment to helping young juvenile offenders early ensures a youth's commitment to their community and encourages law abiding citizens in the future.
  • Youth also gain positive experiences with local police departments and community leaders while going through the diversion classes.
  • The youth are less likely to re-offend (80% of the graduating youth do not re-offend within a two year period) after completing the class, thus giving local police more time to deal with higher level offenders and repeat offenders.

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