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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Program Duration

The Juvenile Diversion Program operates two different programs:

Teen Program

  • Serving teens ages 13-17
  • Duration of 10 hours
  • One meeting per week
  • Requires 12 hours of community service work
  • Meetings and activities will address issues such as the judicial system, law enforcement, correctional system, alcohol and drug education, volunteering, effects of crime, personal awareness and growth, bullying, conflict resolution, and decision making skills.
  • Classes are held in the evenings throughout theTwin Cities area

 Pre-teen Program

  • Serving youth ages 10-12
  • One 3 hour Saturday course
  • Requires 2 hours of volunteer service work
  • Parent/guardian participation in the pre-teen class is mandatory. 
  • Topics covered include bullying, effects of crime, law enforcement, conflict resolution, and empathy.
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