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Program Agenda

Meetings occur once a week for a ten week period. Although the order of topics discussed is at the discretion of the team or group leaders, the following is a list of topics to be addressed in all classes.

 Hour 1

           Introduction to the Program - review

a.         attendance

b.         point system

c.         conduct

d.         group guidelines

Parent’s attendance is mandatory

Leaders Introduction

Distribution of ten week meeting schedule

Discuss the program’s Volunteer requirements, 16 hour minimum, list of sites, verification

Collection of Community Service Locations from youth

Collection of $75 registration fee’s

Question and Answers

Introductions and Ice Breaker Activities

Get acquainted games may be played on this night. The youth will have an opportunity introduce themselves to one another.  Students will also discuss the details of their offence.

Juvenile Justice System

Speakers from juvenile justice system talk about the effect crime have on the community and families.  Students will also have opportunity to hear what they can expect if they continue negative behavior.


            Self Esteem

The focus of this program is on the individual and how a young person’s self esteem affects their behavior.  The youth have a field trip to a climbing wall.  The youth then have an opportunity to talk about their feelings and process what the have achieved. 

Law Enforcement

Tour of the police departments booking and the holding cells.  Following tour, youth participants will have the opportunity to meet with a police officer and ask questions.



Conflict Resolution

Students learn about the benefit of learning how to cope with difficult situations.  Students will have an opportunity to be presented with various difficult situations and have the opportunity to respond to each individual situation.

Surviving High School

Students will watch a video and discuss issues pertaining to dealing with the day to day stresses they incur at school. 

Truth about Drinking and the Reality of Drug Use

Presentation on “Realities” of Alcohol and Drug usage in an educational setting, i.e. chemical dependency counselor, C.D. evaluations.

Can include film, activity, discussion, etc.

Effects of Crime

Students will understand the effects of their crime and the extent of the damage their criminal behavior may have caused to family members, stores, customers, police, and the community as a whole.

Choices and Consequences

Students will be able to own their behavior, recognize consequences, make positive choices, and write a letter of apology to the main victim of their crime.


Understand how bullying happens, the victim/perpetrator cycle, and their own bullying actions.  Students will look at various ways of breaking the bullying cycle and changing their own behaviors and helping those around them who may be bullied.


Participants may plan activity, i.e. bring treats.

Participants are encouraged to discuss program and benefits.

Participants are awarded a certificate verifying successful completion of the program.

Parents are encouraged to attend.

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